Executives and clinical staff of Warwick House received Magellan’s
2010 Star of Excellence Most Innovative Program Award in recognition of
outstanding service and dedication to promoting recovery & resiliency.

After five long years, a son comes home: Gloria’s story

“My life was pretty hopeless. I would get treatment for my substance abuse problems, but then I would give up. I wasn’t home very much. I neglected my 13-year-old son, Barney, who had lots of emotional problems that I couldn’t handle. I wasn’t there for him, so Children and Youth took him from our home.

“The Short-Term Intensive Residential (STIR) team at Warwick House wanted to meet with me and talk about my treatment. I tried to ignore them, but they wouldn’t give up. They even knocked on my windows to get my attention. Then they got my mother involved. They were really dedicated, and it worked.

“I realized how much they wanted to help me – and how I could help my son. I needed to stay in treatment and to be part of family treatment for Barney. He got more aggressive and acted out, but the STIR team helped me understand that he was insecure and needed to find ways to control his feelings. They helped me with safety plans and safe zones. Barney feels safest at home with me, but I taught him coping techniques that he could use in other places.

“I believe in myself now, thanks to the support of Children and Youth and the STIR program. It was hard work, but it was worth it. The happiest day of our lives was the day the judge said I could have custody of Barney after five long years.”

– Gloria, a mother who is also a STIR program participant


Traditional RTF vs. Short-Term RTF Outcomes (May 2007 – May 2010)